Positionering för bättre slagkraft.


The description matches the Gripen, the first of the world’s fourth generation combat to enter operational service. A supersonic system aircraft using sensors, control surfaces, weapons, monitoring devices and displays both as transmitters and carriers of information. With its digital technology, the Gripen exploits its integrated functions to the limit. Brain power has replaced brute force.Today, limits are no longer set by technology, but by Man’s mental capacity. In the critical situations of the future, the outcome will be determined by the ability to process and utilize huge volumes of data, whether the scene is the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, a control center for telecommunications satellites, the operator’s console of a surveillance system, or the table in a company boardroom. For over 60 years, Saab has been stretching the laws of nature, pushing forward the limits to what is considered physically and psychologically possible.The need to satisfy Man’s curiosity has resulted in new products, new companies and new types of business. By studying Man as part of the system, we make ideas fly.

Saab Aerotechs Annual Report 1997